I don’t understand the existence of transphobia beyond sheer stubbornness in terms of how close-minded you are.


Let’s just say you have a Coke bottle, but what’s in that Coke bottle tastes, smells, looks, and thus quite clearly is Sprite.

Why would you insist that what you’re dealing with is Coke and can’t possibly be anything else?

And I mean, even if you don’t subscribe to the school of thought that informs that possibility (that gender and sex tend to refer to social and biological definitions respectively), what possible real inconvenience does adopting a few different pronouns to make someone who hasn’t wronged you in any way shape or form just a little more comfortable with themselves?

That’s selfish as hell.

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Thinking of maybe taking up dancing or tennis again (or both?) because I do absolutely nothing nowadays and it’s so boring idk lying on bed all day gets tiring after a while.



i’m going shopping tomorrow haha YES finally

also i need to dye my hair i’m a blonde dumb

parents: "can we use your computer for a minute"
me: wipes internet history deletes bookmarks changes passwords changes desktop wallpaper encrypts all folders installs internet explorer opens it up at google
me: "yeah sure here you go"